Eos Token Wallets

The Eos Community has been working hard to build all of the Blockchain essentials. Wallets are among them and there is a growing amount of them that come recommended by Block Producers.

Wallets are classified as either hot or cold. Hot wallets are convenient and easy to use but sacrifice security through their connection to the internet. Cold wallets are more secure because they don’t connect to the internet. Cold wallets can be hardware or paper. Writing down your keys on paper makes a simple cold wallet, the paper wallet.

One must assess risk when choosing what type of wallet to use. Consider how much fiat you feel safe to carry on your person at any given time. I know the limits that I start to feel uncomfortable. Hot wallets are convenient for smaller numbers, cold wallets are safer for higher amounts.

Next, one must asses which wallet they should choose to expose their private key to? Vetting is the process of careful, critical examination and background checks. This is often done by the community and Block Producers. You are solely responsibility for vetting the tools you use. If you are not technical enough, it is good to have friends or follow people that can. GitHub has been the primary location where code is open to the public.

Here is a list of wallets created by the Community and Block Producers:

Scatter by nsjames: http://scatter-eos.com

EOS Voter by Greymass: https://github.com/greymass/eos-voter/releases/tag/v0.2.1

EOS Toolkit by GenerEOS: http://eostoolkit.io

SimplEOS by Eos Rio: https://github.com/eosrio/simpleoshttps://eosrio.io/simpleos

Eos Wallet Pro by Eos Nation: https://steemit.com/eos/@eosnation/eos-wallet-pro-or-airdrop-tracker-or-vote

Eosc by Eos Canada https://www.eoscanada.com/en/tools/eosc


There is an accusation out that Cybex owns a fake exchange. This accusation still needs evaluated by the community and BP’s. They plan to make a hardware cold wallet.

Upcoming Wallets:

Cypherglass 100k Hardware Bounty

Eos Tribe: https://www.ses.network

BitSpace: https://bitgate.no/#about

Oraclechain: https://pocketeos.com/#/website-app

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