In a world of exponentially advancing technology, data has become the backbone and the gateway to our understanding  of almost everything.

Due to the vast knowledge that can be attained by collecting and analyzing data, it has become extremely lucrative for individuals, organisations and even governments, to harvest data from any possible source. The problem with this is, most people aren’t aware of what data has been collected on them, and what personal information is being shared, sold or even used to target them. (Let alone the value of that data)

Most people happily go on to Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Google and almost any website, these days, and just agree  the Terms and Privacy Policies without actually understanding what they are “signing”. Most of the time you are giving someone else the rights to collect information about you and then own that information and any profits that are produced from it.

How could we change this, what if there was a way for individuals to own their own data, choose what to share and whom to share it with and earn for providing the information to them. What if rather than a small number of people owning all the data and having access to it, everyone had access to their own data, and had the ability to access all the data supplied by others (by choice).

Well this fantasy is quickly becoming a reality. People are realizing the constraints of the current model and are redesigning it. In a new world of tech, data, and information, we have an opportunity to distribute value, from the day to day activities of everyone, and allow the individual to profit, not just large corporations.

One such project pushing to make this a reality is Lumoes.

Founded by Ali Ayyash, Lumeos (An App designed by a software engineers from Amazon, Google, IBM, Uber, Bloomberg, and other well known companies) aims to give everyone full control of their data, allowing them to choose who can see and use it ,and also get paid in the process.

Powered by the Lumeos Protocol, your data will be cryptographically “locked” so only you (or 3rd parties you allow) can access. Also, you can import your entire set of Facebook, Twitter, and Google data meaning your valuable data comes under your direct control, via a single, easy-to-use interface. Finally, regular users like you can be in charge of monetizing your own data. Welcome the the future of decentalized data control!

Currently the Lumeos App allows you to answer polls and give feedback, and enter a few basic pieces of information, in return you will be paid in LUME Tokens. You can also create polls, to collect data from their current users, who willing to share it.


They are still at the beginning of their journey, and you will soon be able to use Lumeos to take control of more of yourown information, like your Facebook data, google data and other social profiles.

To help encourage users, Lumeos has integrated a social leader board where the Top users can win LUME Rewards. This is a great way to incorporate a social competition, encouraging user to come back and take part in more polls and surveys.

As their user base grows, and more data becomes available to data buyers, i can really see this taking off. A lot people have no problem with their data being collected, and we see that with the hundreds of millions of social profiles out there. What if you told these people they could own and sell that data themselves…. well Lumeos is working to give everyone that opportunity.

You can currently download the Lumeos App on both the Android Google Play Store and the Apple IOS App Store

Although there are limitations to the data you can currently add in lumeos, as a new user and early adopter, you are able to complete over 100 polls and earn around 1500 LUME Tokens (As of writing this, The Top User has 5275 LUME)

Below are the current ways to earn LUME on Lumeos:

Sign Up +500 LUME

Give Feedback +50 LUME

Answer Poll +5 Lume (Over 100 available)

Verify Phone +50 LUME

Verify Email +50 LUME

After using the LUMEOS app for a little over a week, I will be staying with them to see how things unfold.

They have been producing a good number of polls, that will help retain their users, and if it’s only uphill from here…?, then i’ll be glad to have started this early. I have high hopes for Lumeos and the team and will be following along closely.

(Direct) Helpful Links For Lumeos:

Website –

Android App –

IOS App – 

Ali Ayyash Profile (Founder) –

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