Airdrops, portfolio trackers and bonuses, oh my…

In this quick interview Tom and I discuss some of the new tools Trybe has released and will be releasing in coming days. From a multichain token tracking portfolio that even tracks multiple accounts and your tokens on Chintai we have a ton of goodies coming up in the next few weeks from Trybe. The dev team has been working hard but we can’t do it without the support of our amazing community from
This interview is a sneak peek about what we have been working on behind the scenes. Join us on telegram to find out more here

With tons of presale bonuses for our early adapter you can read all about it here

You can find out how much Trybe you will receive from our monthly airdrops starting on Dec 11th based on your holdings of Trybe here

Our top holders of Trybe actually get a bonus airdrop as well so read about those here

We look forward to bringing our active community of supporters more and more each month. If you haven’t already joined you should. Earn Trybe, hold Trybe, get more Trybe.

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  1. Brandon Holsey

    Love to see this progression at such an early stage! This is an exciting time to be a part of TRYBE and I’m excited to see this platform bloom over the coming years. Of course, I’m also excited about the upcoming airdrops as well but will warmly welcome new features with open arms!

  2. globalgreg

    The Token Tracker portfolio Trybe dApp is a fantastic idea. Especially with the feature for multiple accounts and tracking over time. This is something that is missing in the EOS sphere. Looking forward to this!