Hello, I am back with some more airdrop alerts. I have found like not many people are posting any articles on this subject. These articles attract lot of attention to the users since everybody loves cryptos…

  1.   Thor network (Click here to get 1250 THT tokens)

Thor Network is a decentralized Cross Chain Exchange which enables the user to convert crypto across different chain. As a part of their promotion they are issuing 250 THT on sign up and 1000 THT on making first transaction. You can convert coins/tokens cross chain. i.e convert EOS to BTC or EOS to TUSD etc

“Until now, total decentralized transaction can only happen between ERC20 to ERC20, where we use the atomic exchange technology to make the process succeeded in 1 minute.Thor Swap doesn’t need users to create any kind of account or provide KYC to make transaction.”

This is similar to the DEX like Bancor, Kyber Network, Shape Shift etc


2. Basic Attention Token -BAT (Click here to get 25 free BAT)


BAT Token became very famous when they released their own privacy based browser brave https://brave.com/download.This browser rewards the user in BAT for browsing the contents. 

Currently an airdrop programme is being conducted offering 25 BAT for free.Follow the below steps :

  1. Go to the telegram bot http://t.me/batprojectbot?start=2f97b155
  2. enter your email id and etherum address
  3. Done you will get your BAT to your ether wallet on 24th December 2018

3. WhaleEx : 600 WAL Token Click here

For more details refer my trybe post https://trybe.social/whaleex-decentralized-eos-exchange-airdrop-600-wal-free-eos-account/

They are similar to Chaince platform. My token issuer will decide to airdrop to WAL token holders. So Excellent way to earn some free tokens

4. Initative Q : Click Here

This is not from EOS platform but looks very promising. Just sign up and hope the project goes well


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