It’s a nice morning in a snowy Vilnius. It’s 6:35 am and till dark outside so I’m going to write this post while @laputis is still asleep.

@deinocheirus wrote:

Hello there once again maestro and thank you for kind words/valuable guide as always.
However, after going to DTube, I couldn’t upload my piece (performed this once on an electronic keyboard mind you, not an organ) because I was unable to guess how it should be done (no button/switch/instructions available). How should I then proceed, maestro? Did I skip an important step, maybe?

So basically @deinocheirus wants to upload a video to DTube but is stuck. OK, in order to help him and others who face the similar challenge, I’m going to upload my own video “Pinky and Spiky Building an Organ” from my browser on the laptop and describe the process so that everyone can repeat what I did.

First of all let’s go DTube’s website. On the top right hand side we can see the red Login button. Let’s click on it. I can enter my username and Private Posting Key in the fields right away but I also see an option of blue login button using SteemConnect. Let’s use SteemConnect.

When I click on SteemConnect, I’m presented with the confirmation page that I’m giving all these authorizations to When I click Continue, I then have to enter my username and a key to the fields. My username is organduo so I type that in the first field. The green check mark appears indicating that they have found my account.

In the second field I have the option to enter my owner, active keys or master password. I choose active key. I then copy my Private Active Key which is backed up in a safe place and paste it in the second field. The system recognizes it and adds a green check mark. I click Sign In and I’m taken to the dashboard. I have a post about locating Private Active Key which you may find useful.

On the top right hand side I click on the cloud with an arrow icon which means Upload. Then I click on the rectangular which says “Drop a file or click to start the upload”. I browse my computer for the video file I want to upload and upload it. The file starts uploading and the video starts actually playing.

Now I can take a snap at the desired place which will be the cover photo of the video. I locate the place within the video I want to use as a cover and click Snap. This snap gets downloaded to my computer and it’s called Snap as a file name. Keep in mind that this Snap has to be smaller than 1080 px in size so I have to resize it. I use photoresizer service online. It’s free.

I then click on Upload Snap and I add a little bit of description with 4 tags in the last field. Something relevant so that more people would find it under the right categories. Mine were pinkyandspiky, comics, art and music. Yours can be something different.

By this time the video has finished uploading and processing and I can click Submit. After a few moments my video is ready to watch on DTube and interestingly this post gets also broadcast on the Steem blockchain. Now you can access it from variety of different applications, whether you use Steemit, Busy, Partiko, Esteem, Steevie and many others. I use Busy when I’m on Steem from the laptop.

Here is this video on DTube, if you’re curious to see it

Keep in mind that DTube is going to take 10 percent of your Author rewards you get from your video. It’s called Beneficiary rewards. This is not so bad anymore because before Hard Fork 20 upgrade, they took 25 percent to cover the costs of running the platform!

Also remember that this video isn’t going to be there forever. I think they remove it after something like 2 weeks. I know, this is upsetting. Maybe in the future they will find a way to make your videos evergreen but right now they say it’s too costly. For this reason currently I’m uploading my videos to YouTube and just posting a link within an article on Steem. This way I know it won’t get deleted.

On the other hand, your posts stop collecting rewards after 7 days on Steem so maybe it isn’t such a big deal unless of course you want to build an archive of your videos online for the future. Then perhaps you can use both YouTube and DTube.

Now it’s 8:13 am and no longer dark outside. I’m going to go feed the birds in the garden and do 10 pull-ups. Wish me luck…

Hope this helps!

Please let me know if you have any other questions about how Steem works.

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