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Lots of free JAVA content available

JAVA has spread since his initial release back in 1995 all over the world and since his free use been used in many different projects. When installing the latest JAVA version, you always get to see the slogan “3 billion devices run JAVA”:

This reflects in the amount of content that is available for it. This can get relevant if you are searching for some code examples, other code to use, tutorials, explanations, … To sum it up short: If you need help in JAVA, you’ll have good chances of getting it somewhere! Sometimes it might just only be a little overwhelming – to not get lost in the possibilities you really have to know what you’re looking for 😉

Value Of JAVA For Business & Your Personal Use

JAVA is regularly ranked high in programming languages top lists. A web search on google on “Most popular coding languages of 2018” leads to the following results, in no particular order (source:

  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Python
  • TypeScript
  • PHP
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Elixir
  • Rust
  • Go
  • C#
  • Swift

This article describes different ways of figuring out which programming language is the current most important one. The results differ relating to different sources. But in most cases there are either Java, JavaScript, C(C++), Python or PHP are on top of these lists. JAVA can always be found at the top ranking in either of these lists. So by learning JAVA yo might get yourself also into a more favorable position relating to your job.

But there’s also much to gain from JAVA for your personal use. If you manage to get the basics once – which I’m all going to cover in this series – you can relatively easy code some projects in short amount of time that fit to your needs. Because of the enormous source codes available already, you can also use other code relatively easy and if you understand how integrate them most of the time into your own projects. You can also use, review and collaborate with other people on code using Maven and Github.

There’s even more to JAVA

Normally JAVA and JavaScript are pretty much two different worlds. You can’t really use code from JAVA in JavaScript directly. It’s another syntax and despite the name similarity there’s not very much that you can do with JAVA code when it comes to JavaScript – normally! But there has been a great project from Google: Google Web Toolkit (GWT) which allows you to code and test everything in a JAVA environment. And if you’re ready you can compile your project’s JAVA code and get a ready to use website code (HTML and CSS with JavaScript). You can’t assure every JAVA code being able to “just copy & paste it” into GWT code and get JavaScript out of it. But I would say a very high percentage of most JAVA code can be used there very easily. We will have a deeper look at this later on in this series!

So even if you know a bit about JAVA and are not a complete beginner, this series might get you some new insights or inspiration what you can else all do with JAVA!

We’ll get there step by step. I’m trying to give a short description on every step. If you’re new to programming: Don’t worry! My plan is to show you how to install everything you need and then show you simple examples that you can easily change to get first nice results.

In the next chapter of this series I will show how to download the Java Developement Kit (JDK) and install it, to get your environment ready to work with JAVA.



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    1. pmd

      Don’t be discouraged! It’s never too late to learn anything. As a fellow 39 year old I can tell you that the amount of EOS info alone I’ve picked up during 2018 is way more than any topic I learned about when I was 29 🙂

      Actually, check out my article about memory if you would like to drastically improve what you remember!

      1. Infosion Post author

        Thx for your feedback!
        And yeah I really think it’s never too late to start programming. It’s just a matter of how much time you have and how much energy, effort (and time..) you are willing to put into that.

        I also learned over the years that program languages are really somekind like “real” languages. You can learn much in short amount of time, but if you then don’t use it, you always need some time to get back where you were. So just a little bit over longer time is probably better anyway for learning and being able to use some of it.

        And yeah PMD very true 🙂 The amount of “learning” involved in cryptos is really huge if you think about it!
        And a very interesting subject, I gotta read this.

  1. pmd

    Good article.

    I’m a Java developer since many years and I miss one very important point in the article: Java is not only a language, the Java environment is a platform and it’s huge 🙂

    Btw, I must say that I disagree about GWT. I like the idea when it came out, but after using it for an app I changed my mind. My conclusion is that there is more value to be gained from building browser apps with JavaScript/TypeScript than there is to save time with using the Java that you know and transpiling it to JavaScript.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Infosion Post author

      Oh well 🙂 Yeah I guess I really have some lack of knowledge regarding this. Just reread some about the differences between the JAVA language and the platform. And yeah you’re right, there’s also much more to JAVA that would need some description. I hope I’ll cover some of the most important stuff during some later articles. Thanks for telling me about this!

      On GWT I’m also a little bit torn between it`s good and bad. Good because you can reuse familiar stuff from JAVA, in almost the JAVA syntax. That goes at least – form my experience – good mostly, until you get to GUI stuff. But yeah unfortunately a lot from GWT sounds better then it is in the end. I have the feeling a lot of the developement isn’t really over but also not really continued (last time I checked..) … Also had to find out that there’s lots of stuff which you can’t do in GWT, but you’re used to it from JAVA. So it’s not really the perfect solution. And concerning HTML5 stuff, mobile use, etc. … I’m pretty sure that there have been the best times for this.
      But however, it’s a nice way of showing what JAVA can also be used for and for some small projects or “playing around” it still might be fitting I guess.

      Thanks for your detailled critical feedback, appreciate that!

      1. pmd

        Np, it’s great to see new people exploring it!

        Feel free to ping me if you wonder about something Java related. I guess most of it is available on Stackoverflow, but it can sometimes be difficult to search for the right question 🙂

        Looking forward to future articles!

        1. Infosion Post author

          That’s cool, thank you very much! Happy to know that I can ask you, think there will probably some occasions in the future. My mind is full of stuff I want to get done, just have to find some more time .. 🙂 It’s amazing how fast the time passes by if you seriuosly get into some JAVA coding … you probably know what I’m talking about 😉
          Great to hear that! Looking forward to deliver the next articles soon, this is also fun for me writing about JAVA so far.

          1. pmd

            I sure do! Coding is the easiest way for me to get into a flow state for sure 🙂

            Excellent, you’ll probably learn it twice as quickly as well since you teach others through articles!

  2. Julia Williams

    Dear friend you are absolutely right and described the right thing in your article, it’s nice to read the stuff. Java is playing decent role in current scenario.
    Happy New Year dear friend.
    With love and respect ✊