If you’re reading this, then you are very likely a member of TRYBE, if you’re not, then you need to hurry up and get on here ,you’re missing out.

As a member of Trybe you will have recently received the first of twelve monthly airdrops.

I’m sure a lot of you have run over to the exchanges with them and realized, how much these were actually worth, when paired to EOS(And dollars really) and now you feel like Christmas has come early.

But before you go and dump your TRYBE tokens on the exchange, let me first give you a case to hold them.

Other than the fact that the more tokens you have, the more you will get each month in the airdrop…. my case is.

Cashing out in to FIat…?

If you don’t care about the TRYBE/EOS pairing and are looking to sell you tokens for fiat money, then you certainly shouldn’t be selling right now, and not until at least 2019 starts…

Why… Well the TRYBE Token sale is still running and will continue to run until sometime in February, during this time you can buy TRYBE Tokens for $0.01 , and if you’re buying before December 25th, or Christmas Day, then you get 2x your tokens, so you basically paying 0.005.

As soon as the 2x Bonus ends, the price of your token (to fiat) on exchange will almost certainly double. Currently the price of TRYBE on the Newdex exchange has already priced in the 2x bonus, and has even over shot a little bit.

Using Trybe Pre Sale data!

1 EOS = 186 TRYBE ( x2 Bonus = 372)

If You Sold 10,000 TRYBE now at 0.00251 eos you would receive 25.1 EOS

21.5 x ($)1.86 = 46.686

46.686 / 10000 (Tokens you sold) = 0.0046686

This means you are selling your tokens for under market value (with the 2x Bonus Included)

Come 26th of December the fiat value of your Trybe tokens will be much closer to $0.01( on exchange) than $0.005. Regardless of the EOS Pairing price!

The reason for this is that the token sale will hold the price of TRYBE at around 0.01 until the token sale ends, then the market decides.

Cashing out in to EOS?

Now this is a little riskier, due to volatility, but if you are specifically trying to accumulate EOS, bear with me.

Assuming the price of EOS remains flat(ish) till Christmas.

Again similar to the point i made above about the price being where it is due to the 2x bonus. If you are selling in to EOS and don’t expect the next bull run to happen this year then you can near enough double your profits by waiting till the bonus period ends.

And with the way things look, unless a black swan event happens, we will probably see a flat market for a little while longer, maybe a few pumps here and there, but the bull run is a while a way (in my opinion)

The help take the pressure off, the price of EOS will need to do 2x by Christmas, of go up 100% for you too make the same number of EOS, as you would if you sold your trybe on exchange today, and more than 2x for this to have been bad advice 😀

I’m not telling you to buy sell or hold, i’m just laying out a case for why i think people may be selling too soon, and why i won’t.

Thanks for reading, if you enjoyed this article or found it helpful then your review is greatly appreciated. Also make sure to follow me here on Trybe for more content like this, and maybe check out some of my other articles. Alternatively you can follow me on Twitter – Click Here

If you have any Questions or want to let me know your opinion on this, then drop a comment below and i’ll get back to you.

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  1. Nicky Havey

    People always quick to cash out as soon as they see something become available on exchanges. If you spent the time investing in a platform, stick around and help make it succeed! I will be hoarding every token I get and putting it in to my own balance so if I find a well written post (like this one) it will get the big 5 stars it deserves!

    Thanks for the case for hodling, even if it looks like the tides might be turning in the grand scheme of things over the last few days 🙂

  2. Allen Taylor

    I think, giving the nature of the current market and Trybe’s plans over the next 12 months, it would make sense to hold onto all your Trybe until after the airdrops. If I start to see the market turn, I might convert some of it to EOS, but your Trybe will be worth a lot more after the airdrops are finished. This is a hold on time, IMHO.

  3. peter S

    I am certainly not cashing out, but what will be the use for Trybe tokens eventually?
    We can all earn them, get airdrops, rate others etc. But using them??
    To pay for publications? or pay for rating? pay for advertising your publications? (this may even get you more tokens), corporate sponsor pages?, in other words where will supply meet demand?
    I will have to read up again on the WP…