A survey, which was conducted in July, surveyed 240 private investors and 528 individually accredited and institutional investors.

(Source of Data: Survey released by the investment platform SharesPost on September 5th).

The results show that both consumers and investors remain optimistic about the cryptocurrency, even though their ratings fell by 60% in 2018. A minimum of 59% of investors and 72% of consumers say they want to buy more coins over the next 12 months. In this regard, 57% of investors and 66% of consumers expect cryptocurrency valuations to increase again next year.

Of all respondents, 34 percent do not believe that crypto will be widely accepted. Millennials have shown the most positive attitude to cryptocurrencies, with 44 percent predicting broader adoption. The authors of the survey stated that skepticism about crypto-acceptance might be related to the possible use of crypto for illegal purposes.

Of the respondents, 50% said that crypto market volatility was their biggest fear, while 37% said it was security. There are a lot of scams, but I suspect that the mainstream media tends to focus a lot more attention on those. If you follow the space closely, there is a lot more going on. Now is bloodbath in this market, but that you know very well is the time to buy (assuming that fundamentals exist and they definitely do so at crypto when you take the technology and use cases into consideration).

One thing is certain, we are just beginning with all crypto development. When the next episode arrives, we will probably have to get used to even higher prices.

Right now we are still in a very early stage. Current use cases are limited, though Bitcoin is still a better store of value than some fiat currencies.

What are the major catalyst this coming year that actually are real? Please don’t say Chinese New Year. Right now we’re in a clear downtrend, so it looks like some big news would be required to bring in enough new money to break the trend and start a new market cycle. Will probably be months, at least.

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