They say nothing in life is free, but that was clearly the old world, anyone involved in cypto will know you can a lot of tokens for free, mostly Shitcoins, but they’re still free.

The good thing about the faucet I’ve found is you don’t get a shitcoin, you get some free EOS and TXT Tokens (which is similar to being given a stake in the company profits.

It’s extremely simply to use, but you will need to have an EOS Account, scatter installed and linked to the account.

The faucet allows you to claim 0.0005 EOS or 3 TXT Tokens every 6 hours. You can only claim one or the other every 6 hours, but your can pick each time you claim.



Personally i am claiming the 3 TXT tokens and staking them to receive daily divided payouts from the trust dice casino games, currently Dice and Crash, with more to come. Similar to Bet Dice and other EOS Casino games, but with a unique and free, extra EOS and TXT Token Faucet. So far i haven’t seen anyone else offering this option, so i’m sure it will bring a fair amount of people  over to them

Claim your tokens from trust dice here

You can also mine TXT Tokens by using the platform, and playing the games that they currently have to offer. Still fairly new, the mining rewards are currently very high. They will reduce over time / tokens mined

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    1. Jake McCormick Post author

      Do you know your site doesn’t have secure connection? just a heads up as it will stop a lot of people using the site. Me included. 🙁 Let me know if you fix that and i will surely be a new user. 🙂 Thanks

  1. AD

    Nothing is free, my friend. Time is not something everybody can afford. You and I are fortunate to have that time:) This faucet seems legit though. Have you tried to cash out? I’ll come back tomorrow to rate. I can only rate one article every two days.