Greetings everyone,

I want to share with you some of the reasons why I am excited about NEO and am HODLing my coins!

As I mentioned in my introduction post, among other things, I am mainly a musician and a gamer.  My laptop is my means of making a living, as I create, distribute and monetize content with it, be it the music I compose, arrange and produce, under the name Taphophilia, or the gaming streams and videos I broadcast and upload on a daily basis.

Since these two occupations are my main source of income, I constantly am searching for other means of monetizing my content, so I can broaden the scale of my online enterprises, therefore increasing my revenue.  In my research, I have come across three very interesting projects that are built and developed on the NEO blockchain.

The first one is an upcoming music production and streaming platform named iMusify, that is planned for early 2019.  It aims at rewarding musicians using the platform with their native $IMU tokens, while letting them promote, distribute and sell their content directly to music consumers, through the use of the interface.  From what I read in the whitepaper, it will be one of the most advanced blockchain music platforms available.  Their token pre-sale should be announced soon.  You can read more about it on their website:

The second one is a blockchain based collectible fighting game named “Crypto Gladiators” that lets you buy, sell and create unique crypto-fighters that you then get to pit against one an other for a chance to win some real crypto!  You enter your teams of 5 gladiators in tournaments, ranging from bronze to gold level, each with different entry fees and prizes to earn, which are paid in the game’s currency called sGAS, that can easily be converted to and from “regular” NEO GAS though the on-site wallet.  The game is still under development and has some issues, but you can already purchase gladiators and sell them, as well as test them in battle.  You can also create new unique gladiators from the “genes” of existing gladiators, each time having the chance of creating a powerful rare new gladiator.  There are common, peculiar and rare gladiators, each having a range of skills and powers that make them unique.  You can find out more on the game’s portal:

Last, but not least, is an upcoming blockchain social network aimed at content creators of all kinds, that will offer them to get rewarded for what they contribute to the platform.  I am talking about NARRATIVE, and I am very excited about it!  Narrative will reward its users for the content they create using their native token, the $NRVE token, which is already listed on a few exchanges like LATOKEN ( and featured on COINMARKETCAP (

Narrative’s unique approach to the new content economy will be based on what they have coined “niches”, that will group the content posted by topics of interest.  What particularly interesting about it is the fact that Narrative users can bid on a given “niche” using $NRVE tokens and if they win the auction with the highest bid, they become the “niche” owners, meaning that for a whole year, they will earn a percentage of all revenue generated by content posted inside that “niche”!  After the one year period has passed, the owners will get the option of renewing their ownership for a fee calculated on a percentage of the total annual income they made with the “niche” or decide to forgo their option and let the “niche” go back to auction.  This is a very innovative concept, imo, and I already have purchased 5 “niches” myself, which is the maximum allowed per user.  Mine range from a wide variety of topics, starting with the ONO social platform, to esotericism and occultism, to Star Trek!  You can also suggest your own niche and get to bid to own it if it successfully passes the community approval process and becomes a real niche, as well as vote to approve or reject suggested niches yourself.  The whole system is quite democratic and I invite you to join us in the alpha stage of the platform:

There you have it, three more reasons why you should look closely into the NEO blockchain in the future…


  1. CryptosDecrypted

    Thanks for the article. I’ve been a longtime holder of Neo myself and despite the bearish price action see a lot of potential in both Neo and it’s surrounding eco-system. Crypto Gladiators sounds like fun, I’ll check it out. Cheers.

    1. Maelstrohm Black Post author

      That’s not what I discovered from my personal research, there seems to be many things on the way for NEO, here are a few more examples:

      Maybe you heard about NEO presently only being partially decentralized and that decentralization will slowly take place over the course of the next few years? That might have been what they were talking about…
      You might like to have a look at this very interesting article:

      Tell me what you think!

      1. SugarFix

        This is from an interview with the creator himself. He lays down the timescales in the interview. They are not very good. The interview is in Chinese but there are English subtitles. I wrote about it in an early Trybe poste here

        If you just want to watch the interview it is here

    1. Maelstrohm Black Post author

      There is one under development that you can already use, even though it only offers the basic functionalities at the moment:

      However, as a lot of these dApps have their own NEP-5 native tokens (the equivalent for NEO of ethereum’s ERC-20 protocol), you just can hold them and transact them, using either the light (you don’t need to sync the whole blockchain) desktop wallet from City of Zion, named NEON:

      You can also use the web wallet offered by NEO tracker, which is also a blockchain explorer:

      Hope that helps!