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Since early this year, the first version of TokenPocket released, now we have over 200K users around the world. we root in the devs and users community, we believe technology and user are the first.

We are technology-oriented teams, so we have been guiding the development trend of EOS wallet. like we are the first mobile EOS wallet to support Ram Exchange, support DApps and other key features. Also, we have the most comfortable interactive experience.

What is the code?

  1. The code can only be used to create a free EOS account on TokenPocket.
  2. The valid of the code is one week.
  3. Event ends on Dec 12. 2018.

Who can get the code?

Every user of TRYBE community.

How to get the code?


  1. Use the chat box in the bottom right corner to open up the TokenPocket public group
  2. Leave a message in that group from your Trybe account
  3. We will send you the Code within one work day to access your new account!

How to use the code?

1. Download TokenPocket on App Store or Google Play.

2. Open the wallet, choose [No account], tape [Create by Code], when finished setting your EOS account name and wallet password, input the code to active your EOS account.

3. Read this article the New Innovation of EOS Wallet to learn more about TokenPocket.

Start your journey of discovery

Download TokenPocket on App Store or Google Play.

Go to [Discover] > [DApps]

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          1. cryto-Analyst

            start 1no accounts 3activate with code entered data 4hit activate code -it takes me to a website that is in korean or chinese – the browser will not translate to see code. deleted my Brave browser to use Chrome browser to translate. No code visiable. anyone else having code issue?

  1. SouthernCrossroads

    Love the app, thought about taking advantage of the free eos account but I have one and wanted a Trybe member that might need one to get it.

    Hey one thing, an alarm on RAM prices might be a cool addition to the app.

    Good luck guys, keep up the great work.